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<span> , Son</span>

The following is a letter or recommendation for the staff and facilities of Warm Heart Assistance Living, at their Germantown, MD location.


Back in summer of 2015, my 88-year-old mother, Esmeralda, fell gravely ill in NYC. I’d been traveling to and from Maryland for about 15 years to help her on bills, general tasks, etc., but once her health turned to the worse, it was immediately required for me to quickly find and establish nursing home accommodations for her.


After looking at about six venues in the greater Germantown area, I found Warm Heart, which ended up being less than five minutes away. My initial visit was pleasant and encouraging. The house matron of the time had 15 years of experience and was well versed in nursing home tasks such as cooking, toiletries, emergency health experience, etc. After speaking with Connie Robinson, the owner of the Warm Heart facilities, I opted to sign my mother up and transport her from NYC immediately.


The owner and staff of Warm Heart has always been accommodating and helpful in the proactive care of my mother over the next two years. There was a shift in staff a year in, but the incoming staff remained courteous and capable, and skillfully cared for my mother until late summer of 2017, when I opted to relocate my mother for personal preference concerns.


I am grateful to Connie and the present staff for their flexibility and capacity in transitioning my mother from one home to the next with a minimum of difficulty, and I would easily recommend their services to anyone in need for any degree of nursing care.




- Joseph S. , Son


<span> , Daughter</span>
"Thank you so very much for taking care of my sister, Mary, and allowing me to take a short trip with my husband.


As I told you, Mary doesn’t take to change very easily, It’s been a very hard for my husband and I to get away, even for short trips. As I was worried about Mary (and the caregivers) all the while I was away. She’s not as easy person to deal with.


But when I came to meet you and the staff, I knew  that Warm Heart was going to be a place where Mary would be comfortable. There is a structure at Warm Heart, along with unbelievable caring. You and the staff listened to every detail I told you about Mary and was willing to work with her.


Unlike other times when I’ve left Mary with care givers, Mary called me happy-not her usual complaining and begging me to come and get her. At the end of the week when I came to get Mary, she was still happy. I asked her if she would come back to Warm Heart, and she enthusiastically said “yes”. I knew by the tone in her voice that she felt safe at Warm Hearts.


I know that you and your staff truly care about your residents. The times I’ve been there, they all have smiles on their faces and are happy.


Thank you very much for taking care of Mary and allowing my husband and I to take a break. I feel relivered in finding a real “home” for Mary and not having to worry about her (or the next care givers) while I’m away. You and your staff trully fit the meaning of “care givers”."

- Julie S , Daughter
<span> , Daughter</span>
"Dear Warm Heart Family Assistance Living/Connie,


My mother has shown remarkable improvement since moving here a year ago. I feel comfortable with your care of my mom. I can breathe and take a vacation without hesitating.


She looks better

She is healthier

She is cleaner

She is well groomed

She is happier

She is using both hands, before she just used one hand

She can now hold with assistance, before, she could not hold at all

She likes the service

She communicates better


Your facility informs me for my mother’s progress, informs me of doctor’s appointments, and drivers my mother to the doctor’s appointments if I am not available.


All this is due to the quality and caring staff of Warm Heart. The house is clean, the food is delicious. Delegating nurse, staff and doctors are available 24 hours a day. My mom loves to watch the gold fish. Sometimes the staff notifies me that mom sings.


My highest praise and thanks goes out to Warm Heart! I will always recommend Warm Heart to anyone who needs this type of service."

- Shirley J. , Daughter
<span> , Resident</span>
"Dear Warm Heart,


My mother has shown remarkable improvement since moving here a year ago. I feel comfortable with your care of my mom. I can breathe and take a vacation without hesitating. The staff is very good and they listen and attend to your needs all the time with smiley faces. They never look upset or get mad even if you call them more than a zone times within minutes. Warm Heart staff is always very pleasant and happy. Facility is always clean and the food is always fresh.



Thank you"

- John D. , Resident
<span> , Daugher</span>
"To Whom It May Concern,


Warm Heart staff have been caring for my mother since March 2014. That was a very difficult time for my family and I just want you to know that we appreciate how quickly, caring, and accommodating you were. You have a beautiful home and I’m glad that we chose Warm Heart.


During these past 3 years, you have been a life savor to me. I appreciate the extreme care and concern that you have shown for my mother and her well-being. You have always gone that “extra mile” over and above, what I believe any other assisted living facility should do. I thank you for that.


In particular, I thank you for personally accompanying my mother on her doctor’s visits…even when I cannot be there myself, I thank you for taking the time to understand my mother’s personality and her desires. I thank you for taking control and understanding her medications. I thank you for working closely with all of her doctors. I couldn’t do it without you.


Along those lines, I want to thank you for taking care of our affairs while I was away on my honeymoon. My mother had to be discharged from another facility while I was out of the country. Thanks so much for making that a smooth transition for her.


Also, each time you recognize special occasions (like birthdays) and holidays and have real fun parties for your residents. It really makes me glad to know that my mother is having fun. I especially remmeber one year when I was sad because I couldn’t make it to see my mother on her birthday because I was just coming home with my baby. You sent me pictures of my mother and how she had a wonderful birthday party. I really and truly thank you for that. Lastly, I thank you for making your home exactly what you call it…. Warm Heart and truly living up to the name.


Feel free to share this not with anyone that you think needs to know how dedicated you are making your residents comfortable and taking some of the stress out of the family.


Thank you so much."

- Rhonda T. Allen , Daugher
<span> , Legal Counsel</span>
"To Whom It May Concern,


I have been a legal counsel for Warm Heart Family Assistance Living for over 8 years. I am writing this as a recommendation for Warm Heart, Warm Heart is an exceptionally warm and caring. Warm Heart has all the necessary permits, licenses, and inspections. I strongly recommend Warm Heart to anyone who needs their services.


If you should ever want to discuss Warm Heart, please do not hesitate to contact my office at"

- Shawn C. Whittaker , Legal Counsel
<span> , Son</span>
"Dear Connie,


It has been my privilege to be included as party of the Warm Hearts Family over the last few years. I shall be forever grateful to you for the care Warm Hearts gave my mother. You provided her the best care a son could hope for his mother. You treated her with the dignity and respect she deserved in life. while life was slipping away, and in her passing.


There are no words to express my everlasting thanks and gratitude to your staff. Everything they did for her, from feeding her and making sure she was entertained at the house, to accompanying her to hospitals to make sure she was fed, clean and cared for was done with such caring and love. I will always remember how my mother would get discharged from the hospital and would recover faster and beyond where the doctors were predicting. I do not know how you took such good care of my mom, but I am sure glad you did.


It is my sincere with to stay in touch with you all, We are indeed a family.


My Eternal Thanks."

- Marc Chernoff , Son