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November 22, 2017

By Joseph

Letter of Recommendation

The following is a letter or recommendation for the staff and facilities of Warm Heart Assistance Living, at their Germantown, MD location.

Back in summer of 2015, my 88-year-old mother, Esmeralda, fell gravely ill in NYC. I’d been traveling to and from Maryland for about 15 years to help her on bills, general tasks, etc., but once her health turned to the worse, it was immediately required for me to quickly find and establish nursing home accommodations for her.

After looking at about six venues in the greater Germantown area, I found Warm Heart, which ended up being less than five minutes away. My initial visit was pleasant and encouraging. The house matron of the time had 15 years of experience and was well versed in nursing home tasks such as cooking, toiletries, emergency health experience, etc. After speaking with Connie Robinson, the owner of the Warm Heart, I opted to sign my mother up and transport her from NYC immediately.

The owner and staff of Warm Heart has always been accommodating and helpful in the proactive care of my mother over the next two years. There was a shift in staff a year in, but the incoming staff remained courteous and capable, and skillfully cared for my mother until late summer of 2017, when I opted to relocate my mother for personal preference concerns.

I am grateful to Connie and the present staff for their flexibility and capacity in transitioning my mother from one home to the next with a minimum of difficulty, and I would easily recommend their services to anyone in need for any degree of nursing care.


July 18, 2017

By Jane

Great Services

They are offering such a nice services to my Grandfather, thank you Connie Robinson


MARCH 06, 2017

 By Christina

I visited this facility

Warm Heart Family seemed to be a nice facility but didn’t have the means necessary to handle my father’s condition. The location was difficult to find, but it was very nice. The rooms were very basic. They allowed you to bring in personal items for your family member, which was very nice because some places did not allow that. The staff people were all very wonderful and seemed to be very knowledgeable. It seemed a little expensive, but it was a private room and they had plenty of staff on-site. If they had been able to accommodate his needs, it would have been worth it.

FEBRUARY 29, 2016

By Jane

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We put my father-in-law into Warm Heart Family Assisted Living. We think it’s wonderful. We love the people and we think that they really do care. It’s always clean. We’ve met the cook on numerous occasions and there are at least one or two ladies who assist him. My father-in-law loves to eat so there have been no complaints about the food.

DECEMBER 30, 2015

By Margaret

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Warm Heart Family Assisted Living is like a house out in the country. They only took a certain number of residents, but it was very peaceful. The people were very kind. It was just unfortunate that my brother got really ill there right after I moved him in. He was only there for a month and he passed away. Nevertheless, Warm Heart Family Assisted Living was like a home, and that was what was appealing to me. It was like my brother was in a big home. He had his own room. There were one bathroom for the three rooms, but it was handicapped. They had people that were there 24 hours a day that looked after them and cared for them. The staff had all been through training. They had a registered nurse, and the nurse that come once a week to look over all the patients. They were just very caring. They were very kind to him and very caring. He just felt like he was at home. We’re really pleased with the care that they gave him.

JULY 15, 2015

By Donna

I visited this facility

Warm Heart was a smaller place, and it was near a horse farm. It was small and private, and it was like a converted house. It was nice. The people who ran it were very personable. It had a few residents, so it was homey. There was a big variety of rooms, and it looked like someone’s home bedroom. A few rooms had a bathroom, but others had common bathrooms. The place was clean. The people were cordial and very friendly. It would have been a nice place to be, though I thought my mother, personally, would have prepared a more resort-like place, but it was very intimate. Because they were only a few of them, the residents knew each other. From what I saw, I would recommend them.

MARCH 20, 2015

By Hazel

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother has been at Warm Heart for the past several months and my family is very pleased with her care. We visit regularly and find the facility is always very clean and the staff is very helpful. Our mother is also clean, with clean cloths and clean hair at all times. We like that the facility gets regular visits from health care professionals. It is a sad time when you need to place a loved one in the care of someone else; however our mother is well cared for and is receiving the help that she needs for everyday living. I appreciate the entire staff and trust them in my mother’s care.