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Short Term Care

Short-term service is very similar to long-term care there is a very small difference but short-term service is ideal when a person gets notice that their caregiver is not available one day and there are no friends or family members that could fill in. If family members are no longer capable of providing the care that an individual needs it can cause resentment or guilt which can damage relationships. There are many companies that offer respite care services that can help minimize the emotional strain that often comes in these situation by providing specialized care for an established length of time.

If you find that daily activities or performing basics tasks to care for yourself is getting increasingly difficult to manage, you might find that moving to an assisted living could be a good solution.  Warm Heart Family Assistance Living gives you the ability to maintain your independence while having access to the care that you need. It can be an emotional decision to leave the home where you lived for so many years but people often find that making the decision to leave on their own and being honest about their needs makes it much easier to make the transition.  You can see a list of all the great benefits you’d receive by visiting our services page. 

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