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Respite Services

What is Respite Care?

Respite means “to give rest.” Warm Heart Family Assistance Living provides the main caregiver for an elderly patient an opportunity to take a break. Warm Heart Family Assistance Living provides services for those that need respite from care giving duties but lack subsidies to find another caregiver.

All of our staff are trained and certified to provide temporary, long-term or short-term care. This means that you can break from your routine of managing the needs of a disabled individual to focus on yourself. We can provide a variety of services from at-home care to monitoring the client’s safety to recreational activity. We ensure that your loved one receives quality care from a compassionate individual that was carefully trained to provide these services.

Examples of services provided for the elderly or those with special needs include:

  • Ensuring clients’ safety
  • Meal preparation
  • Entertainment
  • Recreational activities and much more…

Respite Services 

Primary caregivers can become overwhelmed or burned out after spending a great deal of time caring for your loved ones. Warm Heart Family Assistance Living offers respite care which includes supervision and maintenance that can temporarily relieve your primary caregiver so they can recover from the emotional and physical demand of this routine.

Caregivers face social and health risks due to the stress associated with their job. Around 3/5 caregivers from ages 19-64 noted that they experienced poor health, a disability or chronic conditions compared to 1/3 working in other fields. Providing respite for caregivers has been found to help sustain these individuals so they can maintain a higher sense of well-being. Respite care also prolongs the need to transfer the elderly to assisted living facilities while reducing the risk of neglect or abuse.

Rest and Recharge


If you have been acting as a caregiver for your loved ones it is an important role, but a very demanding one. Not only should you be entitled to a break but this can be a necessary step to ensure that your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being does not suffer. You need to take care of yourself and your own needs including support sessions, doctor’s appointments or physical exams to ensure that your body is not getting run down due to the responsibilities you have taken on.

Warm Heart Family Assistance Living works to ensure that our clients receive services that are the most appropriate for their needs by working with a compassionate and highly qualified staff. All of our staff are carefully screened and undergo a criminal background check to ensure our clients’ safety. All of our staff are also CPR/First-Aid certified.

When a Regular Caregiver Feels Overwhelmed

Acting as a caregiver is difficult. Those that work in this field are entitled to a break that they can use to recuperate. During this time, respite caregivers can step in so that the regular caregiver can get a break without worrying that the client will need to go without the assistance that they need.