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Long Term Assisted Living in Frederick, MD 

Long term assisted living is designed for seniors that are starting to see a decline in their health and need help managing activities of daily life. Statistically, most people living in these facilities are females in their mid-eighties. Seniors that are looking to get more socialization in their day to day schedule or do not want the heavy responsibility that comes with maintaining a home often find these types of residences appealing. Some may find that they appreciate the idea that additional care is available as it becomes necessary and at Warm Heart Family Assistance Living we provide above and beyond.

Our Amenities

We offer different types of room settings both private and shared for you to enjoy your personal and social activities. Warm Heart has a specific programs that are designed to promote growth while maintaining the kind of privacy you prefer. With us, safety and security will never be an issue.

Our amenities include:                                                    

  • Spacious and comfortable living room that promotes socializing 
  • Kitchen that is designed for safety and efficiency in meal preparation
  • Dining area
  • Private and semi-private bedrooms with toilet and bath
  • Wide lawn area for outdoor activities

Move in with us today. With Warm Heart, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are cared for by reliable personnel in a very safe environment. Visit our services page to learn more about our amenities. Or you can reach us anytime by using any of the following options: 

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