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Signs Your Loved Ones Might Be Ready For Assisted Living

Telling someone you care about they need more assistance than you can provide can be a difficult conversation. Note warning signs that it might be time to move your loved one into a facility with more care.
  • Difficulty maintaining the kitchen- The refrigerator contains rotting food or tends to run empty. Also note any signs of poor nutrition that indicate your loved one might have trouble shopping.
  • Bruises or injuries- Your loved one might try to hide injuries that came from balance or mobility trouble. This could be a sign they are experiencing falls.
  • Wearing the same clothing- If your loved one keeps wearing the same few outfits it could be a sign they are having trouble washing themselves or doing laundry.
  • Cleanliness is failing- You might notice the house is not being kept up with the same level of care it once was.
  • They have become forgetful- You may find that your loved one is having memory trouble, perhaps missing appointments or forgetting to take daily medications.
  • Depression- Those that are isolated and living alone will frequently experience depression.
  • Strange/inappropriate behavior- As an example, you might notice that your loved one is not dress appropriately for an event or the climate. This could indicate that they are experiencing confusion.

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