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Caregiver Services

Assisted Living Services for Caregivers

Seniors or disabled individuals often require additional attention when they are at home. When a regular caregiver needs a break one of our staff can step in to look after these individuals, either by providing in home care for elderly persons or by providing a temporary stay at an assisted living facility. Family members acting as a caregiver need time to visit other family members, go shopping, have an evening out or simply get some private time, and our caregivers can help to make this happen.

Warm Heart Family Assistance Living provides traditional in-home service as well as programs that allow respite workers to take clients out of their home to spend time in the community. Our respite care services are available around the clock every day of the year for the Germantown community.

The ability to manage daily activities allows seniors to remain in their home. It is realistic to assume that seniors will need more care including in-home or home health care at some point. Someone with a disability may also need help from a caregiver that they can depend on to manage tasks they no longer can. As we age these issues could arise suddenly, making it hard for even very reliable caregivers to meet the needs of these individuals. In this case, respite care services could fill in the gaps so patients are not going without the care they need.

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